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UPDATE: February 23rd, 2022 (*watch video of the update below) 

We recognize you may have not heard much of any updates since our last trimester (November 2021). The combination of time of year and not much activity in terms of applications, made it so there was not much to present. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t speak of it, nor do a better job to communicate. The elder board is committed to improving communication going forward, this includes all communication platforms (newsletter, bulletin, services, website, social media, etc.) and the purpose of this update tonight is to present a bit of recap from this past year and provide you with the most up to date information as we go forward. 

Back in February 2021, the elder board sent out a Pastor of Children information package. This was made available for FBC to review, pray, and discern, prior to the next trimester meeting. I presented that information package at our trimester in April, fielded questions and then we took it to a vote. The motion was for us to strike up a search team and pursue the hiring of a Pastor of Children. The motion was passed. The search team was then struck, with the team meeting to discuss the process, create a church profile and go over the job descriptions. This past October, the job ad was placed on the fellowship pacific website with two candidates applying shortly afterwards. The search team moved ahead in process with the first candidate. After due diligence, discernment, prayer, interviews both virtually and in person, the search team has unanimously put this candidate forward for the elders to consider on February 12th, 2022. 

I will go into a bit more detail on the process moving forward, but first, I want to circle us back to what this last year has been like for Children’s Ministry. The start of 2021 we saw the continued closure of services, it wasn’t until April where we kicked off outdoor services with Easter and continued in that format until July. The Care Team coordinated kids’ packages for each outdoor service. Samantha Beerstra stepped up, built a team, and launched Kids Club in June. That momentum has continued with Kid’s Club being offered weekly. The gospel is shared each week and both community kids and church family kids are attending. Sam continued to work with staff at coordinating and re launching Children’s Ministry within our services, which saw it resume this past October. It takes a team to provide what is being offered each week at FBC for Children’s Ministry. Karyn Wehner built teams and leads our Pre K ministry during services. Jaylene Gervais oversees and coordinates the nursery. Erin Harvey has recently stepped up and taken over lead from Sam in coordinating Children’s Ministry in services, leading a small group as well. Other Small groups are being led by amazing individuals. Adi Schlaak, Sylvia Newton, and Chelsea Schlaak. Staff continue to support these leaders as they lead the charge in Children’s ministry. On behalf of the elder’s board, we want to thank each of these volunteers for being obedient to Gods call in serving within Children’s Ministry. I am personally encouraged as we continue down the path of hiring a Pastor of Children, that these volunteers have stepped up and made this a priority as they serve the Lord. It should be encouraging to any candidate to know there is a team of people who have a vested interest in this ministry. 

This leads me back to our current situation. With the search team making an official recommendation to the Elder’s Board, I want to be transparent and provide you with the process moving forward. The ElderBboard will spend time reviewing the material the search team has provided us. This includes reference checks, pastoral profile, interview questions and process followed to date. After reviewing, the Elder Board will call a joint meeting with the search team, to address or clarify any questions, comments or concerns the board may have. The elder board would then continue to discern and discuss the candidate; This process could include face to face meetings, virtual meetings, and phone calls. This discernment and process would lead us to either proceed with this candidate or make the decision to not proceed. This is not something that will just happen overnight, but I assure you the ElderBoard is committed to the process, but only the Lord knows when. We want to acknowledge and show our appreciation for the search team. It is not an easy task to discern whether a candidate fits the role. The search team was very diligent in the process to date, including asking the hard questions. They have done what was asked of them, but the job is not finished yet. As I continue to be transparent, I will make you aware that the Elder Board has some overlying concerns/or questions we are asking ourselves. You may be asking yourselves similar questions. What about our finances? Ian just presented that we are short of meeting budget, that budget includes the salary for the position. Where are we at? Can we afford another pastor? What about attendance? We are starting to see people return, but is it everyone? Is it a return to normal? It may seem full, but we are under capacity limits. What about communication? You may be sitting here today, and this is the first you are hearing about hiring a pastor. I acknowledge that we have not done a great job in bringing this up in our church family. How can we ask you to vote on something you may not know is happening? This Elder Board is committed to changing that. Following this meeting you will see communication improve. There are other questions or concerns you may have, and I want you to know that we have them as well. We don’t have all the answers yet, but as we discern this candidate, we are also tackling the concerns we have, the process is intertwined. I ask that you pray for us as your Elder Board. For wisdom, for boldness, for strength and courage. I ask that you pray for our search team. The job is not finished, but the enemy likes to attack and catch us off guard. 

Thank you, On behalf of the Elder Board, 

Cory Munk (Board Chair)